Bella Rosa - Sacred Journeys

This is your soul’s journey for this lifetime to know, develop and grow.

A bit about me

I have travelled this spiritual pathway as a Reader for more than 30+ years, by accepting opportunities to train in Reiki and after some years, formally becoming a Reiki Master- Teacher in the Usui pathway.

Spirit then put me in touch with another gifted Teacher – to bring about a capacity and connection to past lives and spiritual attachments via the training and the initiation to become a Quantum Blue Star healing Master .

I am based in the South island of New Zealand and I welcome in person opportunities to provide Readings to those who feel drawn to connect with me at my home location.

Bella Rosa is my given Spiritual name so I have chosen to work with this gift from Spirit and relish the opportunities to help people live better quality lives, enabling them to gain this in depth understanding during a Reading regarding the information being offered about their current situation I have benefited from some early professional training at the spiritual churches and their development circles but in essence, Spirit put the challenges and learning in front of me, to grasp with both hands, for them to be my lifelong teacher , in order to experience their messages whether it be visually , auditorily or in a some sensory way so that I can connect thru mediumship to your important people and through the psychic pathway to bring about guidance and clarity as you face what’s happening and most of all …Why…

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 “Live life with wisdom and love,

Connect to who you truly are,

Being true to what genuinely inspires YOU to be and do ,

This is your souls sacred journey for this lifetime to know , develop and grow “